Alltagsbuddhisten #4 / Fromm #1

Erich Fromm fügt in The Art of Loving essentielle Zusammenhänge in unnachahmlich deutlicher Form zusammen. Seine Meditationsübung trifft die Faust voll aufs Auge.

'It would be helpfull to practice a few very simple exercises, as, for instance, to sit in a relaxed position (neither slouching, nor rigid), to close one's eyes, and to try to remove all interfering pictures and thoughts, then to try to follow one's breathing; not to think about it, nor force it, but to follow it - and in doing so to sense it; furthermore to try to have sense of "I"; I = myself, as the center of my powers, as the creator of my world. One should, at least, do such a concentration exercise every morning for twenty minutes [...] and every evening before going to bed.'

(S. 104)