Gentle / Emotional / Different

I've been in Germany for two weeks now after 102 days in France. I miss the sun. I miss the gentle pace of life. I miss the beauty of the landscape. And I miss the people I met there. Plus three more or less crazy dogs and a pigeon. I wonder if she's come over her coffee addiction.

Coming back to Germany was strange as usual. The first difference is obvious: The weather sucks. I got sick after a week. I'm feeling cold all the time - despite being lucky: The second half of Sepember was unusually sunny this year.

The gentle pace of life? Let's face it: We've got many good ways in Germany. But we rarely walk them in a gentle pace. A funny thing that I just now realize: After two months in France I started to meditate less and less. Once back here I have to start again to cope. Which is basically a good thing - to meditate, I mean.

I didn't consider the Germans to be an emotional people until recently. But now I think: Germans get emotional very easily. They can hardly enter or leave a full train without cooking up, being afraid, stressed, impatient or both angry and very kind at the same time.

It took me some time to understand that I'm different, too, as soon as I cross a border. Think what you will - borders do exist. I've grown up near one. It exists even though it's been practically invisible since the
Schengen agreement in 1985. Once I went there with a Chinese friend who'd been kicked out of his own country as a young man - which changed his whole life and certainly didn't make it easier. He could hardly believe that we'd just entered The Netherlands. The small street just went on. And still. I'm a different person once I'm there or in any other country.

France was great. But it's good to be back again.

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