Bild des Tages #53 - Sechs Monate Licht

A solargraph taken from the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment at the Llano de Chajnantor Observatory in the southern

Dieses Bild wurde mit einer Belichtungszeit von sechs Monaten aufgenommen. Es zeigt von rechts nach links die sich verschiebenden Wege der Sonne.


Dubai Timelapse

I became a bit philosophical when I watched this video - as simple as it is in its polished beauty. It made me think about the relation between movement in space and time. The ships in the harbor for example. Their movements are almost invisible to us in real time - I like this movement a lot. 
Then I think about a question which has been on my mind for a while now: Where does nature end, where does nature begin? Lately I like to look at manmade worlds (such as cities) as if they were as much nature, as much wilderness as the deepest wood in Norway. Being someone who longs to be in nature more that I actually am, this thought is somewhat liberating.

And I'd love to have one of those cameras...


Bild des Tages #52

Gibt es ein gelbgrüneres Gelbgrün als das von Porree?



Nothing is a mistake

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I like John Cage very much. There is a joyfull, egofree openness about him and his lifelong working companion Merce Cunningham - and their relation to work, which keeps inspiring me. (Please read his books.)

This note was typed by Cage and put to the door of Cunningham's studio. There's a lot of good advise in there. When I teach, which I do not very often, I ask the students to stop thinking in terms of 'right' and 'wrong', because it usually results in a severe reduction of mental power and freedom. 

One of my teachers once said: "What's interesting to me, is when you make mistakes and how you deal with them." I would go even further and stop thinking about mistakes at all.

Another quite interesting thought which is everything but en vogue at the moment is "follow the leader". Sometimes I think that since individualism has become a common rule we forget to accept role models. We forget heavy respect as a basical everyday principle. Could that be a mistake?