Nothing is a mistake

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I like John Cage very much. There is a joyfull, egofree openness about him and his lifelong working companion Merce Cunningham - and their relation to work, which keeps inspiring me. (Please read his books.)

This note was typed by Cage and put to the door of Cunningham's studio. There's a lot of good advise in there. When I teach, which I do not very often, I ask the students to stop thinking in terms of 'right' and 'wrong', because it usually results in a severe reduction of mental power and freedom. 

One of my teachers once said: "What's interesting to me, is when you make mistakes and how you deal with them." I would go even further and stop thinking about mistakes at all.

Another quite interesting thought which is everything but en vogue at the moment is "follow the leader". Sometimes I think that since individualism has become a common rule we forget to accept role models. We forget heavy respect as a basical everyday principle. Could that be a mistake?

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