In a few minutes I'll put the laptop into a box. I'll take that box to the post office and send it to France. Then I'll load my bike with four bags and set off. First a small journey to Belgium. On Monday a train is going to take me to Baden-Baden. From there it's about one thousand kilometres to Armissan. That's where the laptop is waiting. Then at the latest, I'll post my next entry.

So long - take your chances!


Nachtrag zu 'Hanna'

'Hanna - Lola Rennt 2.0' enthielt einen Fehler: Saoirse Ronan war nur für den Oskar nominiert. Nichts für ungut!

Ideas Worth Spreading

This time we are talking about ten instead of four minutes. Bloody long for anything on the net. Well; I think, Lewis Pugh really has got something to say. Some of you might've heard of his swim across the North Pole in 2007. He literally went even higher. And anyhow - TED seems to be a wonderfull page to start your day...


Bild des Tages #14

Lucky Number Seven


Keith Richards - Life

'For Many years I slept, on average, twice a week. This means that I have been conscious for at least three lifetimes.'


'But what can you say about the first woman in your life? She was Mum. She sorted me out. She fed me. She was forever slicking my hair and staightening my clothes, in public. The humiliation. But it's Mum. I didn't realize until later that she was also my mate. She could make me laugh. There was music all the time and I do miss her so.'


'Mick never wants to talk to his women. They end up crying on my shoulder because they've found out that he has once again philandered. What am I gonna do? [...] The tears that have been on this shoulder from Jerry Hall, form Bianca, from Marianne (Faithfull), Chrissie Shrimpton ... They've ruined so many shirts of mine. And they ask ME what to do? How the hell do I know? I don't fuck him!'



'Dead as a doornail'

'All we've got to do is persevere'

'Once you have something, you just let it fly'

'Most guys I know are assholes. I have some great asshole friends'

'The gift of not being bothered'


Take Four

Der Vorspann der Sopranos gehört zu den coolsten, die das Fernsehen zu bieten hat. Hier ist der Song in voller Länge. Vier Minuten Rock!