Alltagsbuddhisten #5

Those of you who meditate might've come across the following: You sit and a weight drags you down. It can be a weight in your body, in your spirit or in your heart. Like a tension in your back, like troubling thoughts about your future, like a conflict with someone around you.
While you meditate, you wish to get rid of that weight, because it keeps you from entering emptiness. And then suddenly the memory of a funny situation hits you: You smile or even laugh out loud. The weight disappears. It's like the bending of the corners of your mouth lifts up your whole body and takes away the tension.

I've tried to find memories that make me laugh. I mean, really laugh. That was surprisingly difficult. It shouldn't be hard to find funny situations. But it is. Luckily I have my brother - just thinking of him can give me a huge smile. Not just for that I love him, which he hopefully knows even though I never tell him.