Flashback #5 UNTITLED | Matilde Mørk

Matilde and I studied together at Danseværkstedt in Copenhagen. We were both around twenty years old and our wish to become professional dancers was quite new - considering our age we'd had little training. After finishing the one-year-course in Copenhagen Matilde went to England to study dance in Leeds, I went to Essen to study German Dance Theatre at Folkwang. For about seven years I passed through Copenhagen almost every summer on my way north to Sweden and Norway. We met and shared our experiences as aspiring dancers. 

After moving back to Denmark Matilde, founded Mørkdans and began to train as dance therapist. Over the years our connection thinned out - but the internet is a good place to reconnect.

A couple of weeks ago I came across some of Matilde's work on Vimeo. This one I like especially - there is a simplicty in it that is difficult to find. It reminded me of a show of Yvonne Rainer's work at Museum Ludwig in 2012. Matilde told me later, that it was in fact a reinactment of a Yvonne Rainer's Trio A.

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