Street Music in Oslo

The Karl Johans Street in Oslo runs in a straigt line from Central Station to the Royal Castle, passing the Norwegian parliament Stortinget. It's one of the busiest shopping streets in town: Famous brands sharing space with crappy souvenir shops and shady pubs. In winter the sidewalks are heated to melt snow and ice.
Somewhat halfway to the castle is the hightest point, forming a small, nameless square. All year long you can meet great street artists there: it's probably one of the most lucrative spots in Europe. During high season in summer they get exactly one hour each to present their shows.

I've seen young elflike women singing there in December nights, playing with icecold fingers and blowing everybodys minds and hearts away with their voices.

Strangely enough I could find only one video on youtube. But what!? We all get a chance to listen to this great Hang-player Daniel Waples! Follow this minute into a footenotefull of great street music...

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