Sometimes II

A friend sent me a sketch of the following text, asking if I wanted to do something with it. Yes, I did:
Sometimes I open my eyes. Blimey - I don't do that too often it hurts to much it's too much work and the imperative that follows, shouting me in the eye to change to work harder and to be more courageous is unbearable if consumed too much too regularly.
They say that nature is a very logical thing - if it is a thing at all and not a being.
The logic would be that we do what we do to get what we want. Obviously the opposite is true. We do what we do to keep a distance to what we want, to make sure we don't get too close. Some of us move so far away, they get lost. Because even if we don't really want to get what we want or even to find out what it is - which naturally has to come first - we are still in the need of vaguely knowing the direction in which to point our nose when the sun sets, to get a bearing about what we shall dream of at night and what's going to make us get up in the moring if there is no crying child beside our bed or a dog we need to take out for a piss.

Sometimes I open my eyes and look at what really is and that means a fistfull of tough days to come. Because no child beside my bed, no dog has to be taken out for a piss and I lie there for hours trying to find reasons to get up to get moving to fullfill my wishes. Nobody's going to do that for me, isn't that true? And what are my wishes? Mind, those questions are pure luxury. The burden of luxury, but that's another story and a boring one too.
What are my wishes? What are your wishes? Of course everybody wants everything. Happiness is to have everything, isn't it? The best events - like fullfillment in one's social life, work life, sentiment, love, intensity and peace of soul at the same time. And family friends career travelling cars houses the whole business.

Does it work for anyone?

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